La primeur du Droit sur les ambitions présidentielles du rappeur Wyclef Jean est loin d'être passée inaperçue aux États-Unis. Le New York Post a notamment publié un billet sur ce sujet aujourd'hui, alors que l'éditeur de Rap Genius a étudié les paroles des chansons de l'ex-Fugee pour deviner le programme que proposerait aux électeurs haïtiens le New-Yorkais d'adoption. Je cite un extrait dans le texte de son analyse facétieuse (via The Daily Dish):

Issue: Economics

Rhyme: "Instead of spending billions on the war / I can use that money to feed the poor" ("If I Was President")

Policy: Half of Haiti's population faces starvation. Unlike the madman running North Korea, Wyclef understands that a struggling nation must produce food, not merely weapons.

Issue: Crime

Rhyme: "All my gangs put the peace sign up now" ("Rebel Music")

Policy: Gang violence is a major issue in Haiti. An anti-violence initiative would go a long way. (However, on "Ready or Not" he raps "if I could rule the world / Everyone would have a gun in the ghetto of course," so he may believe that personal responsibility is somewhat more effective than gun control.)

Issue: Education

Rhyme: "I don't know much about biology or chemistry / Failed the S.A.T.'s, study Brooklyn zoology" ("Chickenhead [Remix]")

Policy: Wyclef knows firsthand the danger of insufficient schooling. Earlier this year he demanded a better education system for Haiti, and was arrested in 2002 for protesting school budget cuts. And money is exactly what Haitian schools need.

Issue: Sex Education

Rhyme: "That's Clef in the drop Lex / Keep the prophylactics for safe sex" ("Pussycat")

Policy: Nearly one in six Haitians have HIV/AIDS, so a comprehensive approach is needed. And if you are driving a Lexus convertible with the top down ("in the drop Lex"), abstinence is simply not realistic.