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Tout juste avant d'annoncer son plan pour relancer l'économie américaine, Rick Perry a admis lors d'une interview diffusée ce matin sur CNBC et MSNBC trouver amusante l'idée de ramener sur le tapis la question de l'extrait de naissance de Barack Obama (et aussi de ses notes à l'université).

Le gouverneur du Texas s'assure ainsi que les médias continueront à parler autant de son flirt avec les birthers que de son plan économique. Un plan dont une des propositions principales est l'imposition d'un taux unique de 20% pour les particuliers et les sociétés. Un plan qui prévoit aussi d'autres réductions d'impôts pour les Américains les plus fortunés.

Je cite un extrait dans le texte de l'interview de Perry à CNBC où le prétendant républicain en perte d'altitude défend sa proposition d'accorder une énorme réduction d'impôts aux Américains les plus riches :

Q. Your plan - by cutting the top rate to 20 percent, eliminating dividends and capital gains taxes, would provide a huge tax cut to wealthy people. Given what's happened with income inequality, why is that a good idea?

A. We're trying to get this country working again. And that's what I focus on. We went through what are the ways to really give incentives to those that are going to risk their capital to create the jobs. Those that want to get into the class warfare and talk about, oh my goodness, there are going to be some folks here who make more money out of this, or have access to more money, I'll let them do that.

Q. But for those at the top, it is hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars for them.

A. But I don't care about that. What I care about is them having the dollars to invest in their companies. To go out and maybe start a business because they got the confidence again because they actually get to keep more of what they work for. If that's what comes, I'll take that criticism. Because what I'm interested in is getting Americans working.

Q. Do you fundamentally believe we should not have a progressive tax system in this country?

A. I do. I think you need to have a tax system that basically is flat, fair and simple. And that you can put on a postcard. Americans, I hope, aspire to be wealthy.

À noter que Perry a également traité Mitt Romney de «fat cat» dans cette entrevue.