Le New York Times publie aujourd'hui un long reportage sur les efforts de l'industrie des armes à feu pour renouveler sa clientèle. La stratégie de l'industrie inclut la donation d'armes à feu, de munitions et d'argent liquide à des groupes jeunesse et le marketing de fusils semi-automatiques à prix abordables pour les junior shooters.

Je cite un extrait du reportage dans le texte :

The pages of Junior Shooters, an industry-supported magazine that seeks to get children involved in the recreational use of firearms, once featured a smiling 15-year-old girl clutching a semiautomatic rifle. At the end of an accompanying article that extolled target shooting with a Bushmaster AR-15 - an advertisement elsewhere in the magazine directed readers to a coupon for buying one - the author encouraged youngsters to share the article with a parent.

"Who knows?" it said. "Maybe you'll find a Bushmaster AR-15 under your tree some frosty Christmas morning!"