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Le 20 février 2015

Strange Froots + Waahli, Tali & Butta (Nomadic Massive)

Strange Froots + Waahli, Tali & Butta (Nomadic Massive)

Description en anglais seulement

Strange Froots - Hip Hop
Hello Froot Flies! You've all waited patiently, and now Strange Froots is proud to premiere its FIRST MUSIC VIDEO for their first hit "Green Apple", directed and shot by the multi-talented Jai Nitai Lotus! An amazing show is in store for everyone with Dr. MaD on the 1s and 2s, and a special performance by Tali a.k.a. IAmBlackGirl of Nomadic Massive, as well as other surprise guests!
Come vibe with us at Les Bobards, 'cause remember, "you're not so alone"!

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