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Du 26 juin 2014 au 5 juillet 2015

Martin K. Petersen Quartet

Martin K. Petersen Quartet

Description en anglais seulement.

Montreal-based musician Martin K. Petersen was born and raised in Denmark. He started out playing xylophone in the school band and later switched to keyboards. Having no instrument at home, Martin got up and went to school early every morning to practice on the piano before class started. Later he took an afternoon job as bike courier so he could rent a keyboard and practice at home.
Over the years Martin performed in several musicals at Svendborg Theatre including Godspell and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and he played keyboards in the Danish rock/blues band The Overheads.
It was at an Overheads performance that Martin first got exposed to Hammond organs. He was instantly sold and started listening to players such as Al Kooper, Lee Michaels and Van Morrison's organ player Georgie Fame.

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