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Du 12 janvier 2013 au 20 janvier 2013

The Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood

Description en anglais seulement | Pièce en anglais

Original Adaptation,
Music & Lyrics by Ira Sokolova
Directed by Ira Sokolova

"RED RIDING HOOD" along with "Cinderella", "The Bremen Town Musicians', 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'The Sleeping Beauty' is among the most popular fairy folklore tales first written down by Charles Perrault (12 January 1628 - 16 May 1703) and about one century later by the German BROTHERS GRIMM.

Gleams Theatre presents to the young audience a theatrical adaptation of the story written and directed by Ira Sokolova which includes originally written by her songs.
Ira S' adaptation of the "Red RidingHood" is a subtly crafted piece that will definitely appeal not only to children, but also adults through creativity and audaciousness. Ira S also brings an original dimension to this popular tale; MUSIC! All the music is composed by Ira herself and features very
diverse genres to get you carried away in one way or another. Watch out that you do not end up dancing on your seat!
Ira Sokolova's direction of the show involves the spectators in it, encourages them to participate in the action on stage and this way to make them feel part of the performance! Their efforts will be awarded with sweets in the end!

Gleams Theatre's Production of 'The Little Red Riding Hood' brings lots of fun, music, excitements and surprises to all!

Starring: Alexandra Laferriere as The Little Red Riding Hood, Alexandre Kounde as The Wolf, Jane Fiske as The Grandmother and Ira S as The Magic Queen of Music

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